The majority of the Tooling & Equipment that we design and manufacture is dimension critical, i.e. the alignment to the master vehicle and engine locations is critical. To adhere to specifications and tolerances, we carry out inspections on all of the tooling.
Inspection is carried out on one of two dedicated in-house CMM machines, or with our FAROArm.

Option 1
Our original CMM with a table size of: X: 3500mm, Y: 2000mm & Z: 1300mm.
This CMM is retained for the larger jobs.

Option 2
Automated LK G80 Machine with a bed size of: X: 1500mm, Y: 1000mm & Z: 580mm.

Option 3
Portable CMM with Reverse Engineering Capabilities
InspectionArm Platinum
Our 7-axis Platinum FaroArm offers a portable (in-house or on-site) CMM service. Faro arm allows parts to be verified on site in a production environment or during assembly before shipment. Reports can be generated continuously as data is gathered. The FaroArm can measure to an accuracy of ±0.052mm. CK currently has 2 Faro Arm Platinum’s; one at 12ft and another at 8ft.

Inpsection - Automated LK G80 Machine
FARO Arm Platinum


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