Door Carriers

CK have, for many years, produced door carriers for a range of our customers, as per the image below in which shows a CK fabricated door carrier.

Door Carrier

CK have designed and supplied different types of door carrier and door manipulator tooling.

Modern production plants and assembly lines need to be flexible, and tend to manufacture multiple vehicles and components on the same line. CK has produced ergonomic door carriers that can cater for this need.

The image shown above incorporates a sliding clamp mechanism that will allow the operator to easily switch between tooling settings for different vehicles, and therefore differing door sizes.

In a further development to the CK door carriers, we have added the option of a manual wind mechanism to give a height adjustment. This allows operators to adjust the position of the door within the carrier to give the best ergonomic working height for each ‘dressing’ process without the need for complex conveyor configurations or working platforms. Gas springs are included within the design to counteract varying door weights during the assembly process.


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