Slave Tools/Settable Tools

With the increased flexibility requirements of vehicle assembly plants, CK recognised that sometimes even the ‘Flipper’ design could make tooling too complex when multiple engine and gearbox combinations were involved.

We therefore developed our ‘Slave Tool/Settable Tool’ system as a solution to this problem. In principal, these tools are removable, giving the flexibility to cater for a much greater build mix. The slave tool system was adopted by Ford as a global standard as part of the One Ford system.

Example Slave Tools/Settable Tools

An additional economic advantage of this system is that it protects for future programs by allowing just the ‘slave tool/settable tool’ to be replaced instead of a complete tool.

Various Slave Tool storage solutions are available, from manual to fully automatic storage and selection systems, such as the Kardex rotating storage machine or Paternoster, as shown below.


This type of automated storage solution, utilising Barcode readers for accurate identification, is currently in worldwide use.


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