Ford North America Pilot Plant – Eco-Sport MY17 (B515) Introduction

The Ford North America Pilot Plant also requires tooling in which to accommodate the build of the Eco Sport. Ck have been requested to design and manufacture 3 off New Front Decking Pallets, 10 Slave Tools/Settable Tools and 1 New Rear Decking Pallet.

Ford have requested for the Front decking Pallet to be designed in line with the current Front decking Pallet in Ford Brazil. This pallet will also require the new B515 Bolster Support as provided to Ford Brazil.

The Slave Tools/Settable Tools will be based on CK standard design.

As detailed in the Ford Brazil B515 Link, the North America tooling will also require the following characteristics;

  • The pallet will be designed to integrate with the existing decking tools.
  • All components on the tooling will be colour coded as required to ensure that the operator can configure the tooling.
  • The rear axle tooling will have built in float to assist the operator with decking the rear axle into the body bracket. This will be based on the concept CK has previously supplied into Ford Venezuela.

Ford Venezuela currently builds the new B515 and so CK designers will aim to use similar supports/design of the pallet to that of the Ford Venezuela Rear Decking Pallet.

Ford Venezuela Rear Decking Pallet


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