Nissan Infiniti Tooling

Due to Nissan launching a new model in 2015 known as the “Infiniti”, CK were requested to design and manufacture supportive tooling to accommodate the new introduction, Nissan required engine dress and front marriage tooling that can cater for the existing vehicle variants plus the new Infiniti.

As CK had previously supplied a slave tooling pallet to Nissan for engine dress, this meant that CK now only needed to supply the new slave tools/settable tools for the Infiniti, due to the pallet being flexible. The quantity of slave tools/settable tools in which were required totalled to 150.

Engine Dress Slave Tools/Settable Tools
Engine Marriage Fixture

Due to the complexity of catering for all 3 models on the front marriage tooling, CK included to design and manufacture 100% new front marriage tooling. The tooling was designed as a slave tool fixture to provide flexibility for future engine & gearbox combinations. CK provided Nissan with a 1 off prototype fixture and 6 off slave tools/settable tools in order to trial with onsite prior to buying into the bulk manufacture. The bulk tooling totalled to 19 fixtures and 198 off slave tools/settable tools. The new design included new lower control arm supports, prop shaft supports, fixed decking pins and Sub Frame Supports, as well as numerous other new additions.

The complexity of the new tooling introduction also affected the current rear axle pallets and so CK proposed to design and manufacture 100% new pallets.

The new design included new Lower Control Arm Supports, Sliding Decking Pin, Pre-Location Pins and Sub Frame Supports, as well as numerous other new additions.

Rear Axle Pallet


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