Ford Flatrock – Front Decking & Engine Dress Pallets

CK were approached by Ford to modify the current 64 Front Decking pallets, including new Slave Tools/Settable Tools, to accommodate the introduction of the new Lincoln MKS vehicle alongside the current Fusion (North American version of the Mondeo). In addition, due to the increased complexity of the powertrain line-up, the scope of the project included the design, manufacture and supply of 140 off new Engine Dress pallets that also incorporated the Slave Tool/Settable Tool system. Over 500 Slave Tools/Settable Tools were delivered in total for the project.

Engine Dress Pallet

As well as the flexibility of the Slave Tool/Settable Tool system, the space created on the pallets by replacing the old flip units allowed Ford to add in extra processes to the Engine Dress line and better balance their labour force. CK staff again attended the prototype build stage in North America and small changes to the tooling allowed further process refinements to be made.

Engine Dress Slave Tools/Settable Tools supporting the product during CK Trials
Example Engine Dress Slave Tool/Settable Tool


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