Ford Cologne Fiesta (MY17) - Front & Rear Decking Pallets

Due to the introduction of the Model Year 17 Fiesta (also known as B479) into Cologne Plant, Ford requested CK to design and manufacture new tooling to accommodate this.

CK were requested to modify the 255 current front decking pallets to include the B479 tooling, and design 44 brand new rear decking pallets. CK understood that each type of pallet had to also accommodate for the B299 variant, also known as current Fiesta.

Front Axle Pallet Modifications

Ford requested that the following front axle tooling requirements needed to be included in the modification of the pallet. Therefore, CK based their B479 tooling design on these requirements. Below is an example of some of the requests made;

  • Tooling to contain slave tooling location features.
  • High runner slave tools/settable tools to be stored on the front axle pallet when not in use.
  • 4 off high runner flip style slave tools/settable tools to be stored per pallet.
  • B479 cross member supports required on the tooling.
  • B299 cross member supports required on the tooling.
  • Lifting eyes required on the tooling to transfer the tooling on/off through the orange elephant facility.
  • Pallet location features to accurately locate the tooling onto the moon buggy.

CK also quoted to modify 32 original pallets to include all current and new tooling.

New Rear Axle Pallets

CK based the B479 rear axle design on the fixtures that were delivered to Cologne in 2013. The design included the following features;

  • B479 rear axle supports
  • X & Y float to enable the rear axle to be decked into the body bracket.
  • Body supports.
  • Master decking pins with X & Y float.
  • Fixed spindles for vertical bolting are removed. (not required for B479).
  • Horizontal bolt support (not shown in concept).
  • New pallet will be required to cater for the B299 & B479 on one tool.

CK also included a solution in which to support a rear axle horizontal bolt. Cologne plant includes robot handling, and so the bolt in question is tightened automatically rather than manually. Therefore the new rear axle tooling required a support for this bolt so that the robot could position and insert the bolt successfully.

Front Axle Pallet
Rear Axle Pallet


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