JLR F-Pace/XE/Range Rover Sport – D7A/D7U Dogbone Tooling

Last year Jaguar Land Rover in Solihull installed a brand new vehicle platform known as D7A and D7U. These platforms were to cater for the XE/XF/ F-Pace and Range Rover Sport vehicles. I order to be able to build those vehicles, JLR approached CK in order to design, manufacture, supply and install these intricate fixtures.

The fixtures are known as ‘dogbones’ due to the shaped of the frame the tooling sits on. Each platform, D7A or D7U, had its own dedicated dog bone in which was designed in order to support the engine and gearbox variants being built on that particular platform.

59 D7A Dogbones and 59 D7U dogbones were supplied to JLR for the start of their new platform. In addition to this, 13 FEAD pallets were provided to support the AJ126, AJ200 and GTDI Engines and the relevant transmissions / Transfer Boxes.

D7A Dogbone – Accommodates the build for XE, XF and F Pace vehicles

Even though the 2 dogbone designs were generally different, each included certain similarities. Please see an example of these below;

  • The rear floating plate section is able to be locked off into a central nominal position. The plate shall be unlocked during the decking process by a mechanism within the marriage station.
  • Lower Control Arm supports with the ability to support the LCA and Knuckles at various heights on assembly.
  • Rear clamps for the tightening processes to ensure the product is in a stable position during build operations only. These clamps are released after the build process is completed and prior to marriage.

The Fead pallets consisted of the following characteristics;

  • Main base frame for supporting all features and aiding transfer process
  • Static Engine Support Plate was supplied with all requires slave tool/settable tool system components for use.
  • Rotating gearbox and transfer plate to allow the assembly to be rotated 90 degrees.
  • The transfer box was supported by conventional tooling as complexity was not great enough for slave tools/settable tools.
  • Fixed FDU tooling support interface locations
D7U Dogbone – Accommodates the build for Range Rover Sport
FEAD Pallet


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