Ford Chicago – Slave Tool/Settable Tool Solution
on to Front Decking Pallets

CK have installed their standard Slave Tooling/Settable Tool system to 90 off Decking pallets in Chicago Assembly Plant. The scope included the supply of over 300 Slave Tools/Settable Tools.

The design of the CK system allowed the Slave Tool/Settable Tool plate to replace the old flip tooling on the existing front Decking pallets without the need for adjusting the master body location pins. This made the installation process very quick and straightforward and issue free.

After, some initial scepticism prior to the introduction, Production and maintenance staff have since openly stated their belief that it is a big improvement on their previous system.

In 2009, Ford North America set out a strategy to implement the CK flexible system across all of their vehicle assembly plants. The installation in Chicago sees the final part of that plan completed. This means that they can now easily introduce any new engine and transmission combination in any plant without major tooling overhaul.

Ford Explorer – Currently manufactured in Ford Chicago using the newly updated Front Decking Pallets


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