Ford Craiova (Romania) – Eco-Sport MY17 (B515) Introduction

In the next few months, Ford will be looking to introduce the Eco-Sport into various plants over the world. Currently, CK are in the process of completing a feasibility study in which will highlight any issues/changes required to the current tooling in Romania in which to enable them to build this particular vehicle.

CK has been advised by Ford to base the study on the following current tooling;

  • Front Decking
    • Bolster Support
    • Engine Mount Delivery
    • LCA Supports
    • Body Master Location Pins
    • Additional Powertrain Variants (Ford to advise)
  • Rear Decking
    • FWD & AWD
    • Exhausts
    • Prop Shaft Supports
  • Engine Dress
    • Additional Powertrain Variants (Ford to advise)
    • Transportation Slaves
  • Automatic Transmission Buckle Up Fixtures
    • Additional Powertrain Variants (Ford to advise)
  • Front Corners Assembly Tooling
  • Front Cross Member Assembly Fixture
  • Front & Rear Stabiliser Bar Assembly Fixtures
  • FWD Rear Axle Assembly Tooling
  • AWD Rear Axle Assembly Fixture
  • RDU Sub Assembly Fixture
  • Bolster/Cooling Pack Assembly Fixtures
  • Rear Axle Delivery From Sub Assembly To MGR (Pick up points, transportation frame concept, FWD & AWD axles)

The outcome of CK’s Feasibility Study will determine on the tooling required for Ford to build the new vehicle.


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